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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I purchase Grocorp children's furniture brands?

You can purchase Grocorp brand's furniture from your local retailer, please check our stockists page for your closest store.


Q: Can you send me pricing so I can buy off you direct?

As we are a wholesale manufacturer, we have designated distributors located throughout the country. Please contact the stockist nearest to you for assistance with pricing. If you do not have a stockist near you, please call our customer service team and we will have a solution for you.


Q: What is the recommended retail price on your cots?

We cannot control what prices our cots retail for. However, each store is issued with recommended retail prices. Our advice is to check out our stockist page and give them a call.


Q: I went to one of your retailers on your stockist page and they did not have any Grocorp brand's furniture in stock?

We apologise for this. It occasionally happens that we have retailers who sell their showroom floor models or have a very limited range. We review our retailer list regularly but we cannot control changes to their floor displays. If you want a specific Grocorp brand's product - take it to your local retailer and ask them to order it for you.


Q: What happens if there is no Grocorp brand's stockist in my area?

Contact our customer service department and we'll find a solution for you.



Is Grocorp furniture manufactured overseas?

A: Our cot models are manufactured overseas in a certified Factory:
  - They comply with the AS/NZS 2172:2003 Cot Safety Standards.
  - They have been independently test by an approved testing laboratory to conform to the above standards.
  - They are designed in Australia and manufactured in plantation New Zealand Pine.

- The paint finish on the cots complies with the non-toxic specifications.


Q: What are the safety standards for cots in Australia and New Zealand?

All cots sold in Australia and New Zealand must comply with the current Safety Standards. Grocorp brand's cots have been independently tested and are certified to comply with AS/NZS 2172:2003 cot safety standards. More information concerning Standards can be obtained from Australian Standards.


Q: What are your Business Hours?

We are open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. (Closed Weekends & Public Holidays)


Q: Do you accept customer’s special modification requests?

Not normally, but we value any feed back to improve our products and customer service for future generations. Please contact our customer services department with your suggestions.


Q: I purchased Grocorp brand's furniture several years ago. I now find that I have misplaced some of the hardware. Am I able to purchase replacement hardware?

Yes you can. If you care to contact our customer service department, we will do our best to assist.


Q: After assembling my cot, I noticed that the drop-side does not go down. Am I doing something wrong?

It is probably because you have inserted the drop-side the wrong way around. In the Assembly Instructions it mentions that it is important that the drop-side is inserted with the Grocorp brand's plate facing outwards. Please read the Assembly Instructions carefully to ensure smooth assembling.


Q: I noticed that when my new Grocorp brand's furniture arrived, the stain was slightly different in colour to what the stain was on my existing Grocorp brand's furniture?

Due to the different grain and intensity in timber/wood, slight variation in colour may occur. Our Factory uses the same spray painting techniques as we have always done to ensure that all of our Furniture matches in the best way possible way. However, you may find that having furniture subject to direct sunlight or furniture which has slightly aged over time may look slightly different in colour.


Q: Can you send me the dimensions of your different products?

The furniture dimensions are available on this website under the relevant product page's specifications.


Q: What guarantee's/warranty do you offer on your products?

Grocorp brand's furniture is made to last. We will back all our products for five years from the date of purchase with our manufactures warranty.


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